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Southeast Drift Tandem Drift Competition
Calendar: Events Calendar
November 28th 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM
Where: Gresham Motorsports Park, Jefferson, GA
Contact: Post Here

To close out the 2009 season with a bang Southeast Drift is hosting an after dark tandem competition under the lights at Gresham Motorsports Park.

"Land of the Great" becomes "Land of the Generous" with the highest pay out ever in Georgia grassroots drifting. $1,000 dollar awarded for 1st place, payments through fourth place, and a total purse of $2,000. This will be a very exciting competition. The competition will take place immediately following the "Land of the Great" practice event. All drivers participating in the competition must be registered for "Land of the Great".

All cars must pass tandem tech requirements. Six point cage with driver side door bar, 4 pt min. harness, and approved fire suit.

Driver Registration $54.95
Spectators $5.00
Ride-A-Long Pass $10.00 more

GMP has just finished a complete rebuild and renovation. BRAND NEW track surface, safety walls, grand stands, restrooms, concessions, lights, and sound system.

Here are a few pics from our recent practice event at GMP.

Click here to see the gallery. Buy photo prints and gifts!
All proceeds help pay Huntsville Car Scene bills.

What a day! It started around 5am as I packed my camera gear and prepared for my pre-dawn trip. skibumWRX had just sold his STI and was driving it up to NC, so he tagged with me towards Atlanta. We left out a bit later than I wanted, but I was still determined to get there on time. As the sun started to rise, I practiced a few rolling shots out of my back window as we drove. There was an interesting Hummer on 75 south that I also quickly grabbed a shot of.

After a small traffic jam on 85 north, I finally made it to the exit for Gresham Motorsports Park. I was about an hour behind schedule and had missed the 11am media meeting. But the staff took care of me and I was soon on my way around this enormous facility with my media pass. You really don't know how big these places are until you have to walk around them. And there was media there from all over. All with Canon L-series lenses, Nikkor VR lenses, HD 1080p cameras, and all the other equipment I can't afford. But I was there with my dinky little cameras creating shots with the big dogs. I did what a lot of the other media didn't do--try to get a shot of everyone. If you were driving at this event, there's probably a picture or two and a video of your runs. I'm happy with what I've walked away with. There's also enough video that you feel like you went to the event.

The sun was at an odd angle all day making it difficult to shoot from the track. But because of the fencing and the need for a super long zoom lens, there was no way to really shoot from the stands. Eventually, I found my spot and got the shots I wanted. I also had an opportunity to wander in the paddock and get some shots of these monsters as they sat still. I got interior shots so you can see how race prepped these cars really are. Many will fool you from the outside.

This was my first drift event, and this was my first time to this track. There were four run groups, similar to in autocrossing. Each driver ran as many times as they could in the time allocated for the group, and the groups each ran several times during the day. From what I've been told, it was a pretty good value for the drivers.

As the day went on, I realized that drifting isn't your normal motorsport. There's a different "feel" to it. I equate that feeling to the same spirit found in skateboarding, surfing, or freestyle motorcross. It's just a sense of style and attitude that comes in addition to the talent. It's not just about the driving, but it's about being a character. And the cars and drivers reflect it. From the wild paint jobs to the crazy stickers all over the cars, it's car freestyle. And like other freestyle and close knit motorsports, there's a team effort even outside of teams. Everyone knows each other, and there's a spirit of just having fun and friendly competition. The drivers and teams help each other out when things go wrong, lending parts, a hand, or a pat on the back. It's not just a good time for the spectators. Drifting is still a young motorsport, but it is definitely one worth watching.

And let's not forget the talent. The first time I saw the cars sliding sideway on the bank of the oval at Gresham, I was definitely in awe. And then to see these cars carry this speed right through the slalom into the midsection of the course and then adjust entry speed into the last sweeping turn, all while sliding sideways--well, it made me say wow on more than one occasion. Not only does the line have to be planned carefully, but execution has to also be very precise--a difficult thing to do when you are trying to control something that is actually on the edge of being out of control. A slightly early entry, a late exit, too much speed or too little would all cause either a spin, an extended slide, or require very clever and careful adjustments to bring the car back in line. You could see this skill exhibited by several drivers. The margin for crashing isn't much, and a few drivers and cars discovered that, even in the tandem competition in the evening. I caught a few of these on video, but it made me cringe to see some of these cars hit the wall. When the silver r34 Skyline was heading into the wall, I couldn't even watch.

Drift Emporium had a tremendous day, giving rides during the practice sessions and also taking a win at the event. These cars are pretty unbelievable up close and in person, and the drivers are just as unbelievable. They were so smooth and so consistent. Only djones with his Mustang was close in my opinion.

David "Dr Jones" took the time to quickly chat with me after qualifying. He actually qualified for the tandem competition, but with a completely perfect car and not a scratch on it, he proved to himself what he wanted to, and gracefully bowed out of the competition. All the drivers were very approachable and Sammy Tiger and Chanin Prapapyuenyong quickly posed for pictures before the start of some of their practice runs. Even Jodin Lejeune posed while driving during practice sessions. It was great to see you all in the finals. Congrats guys!

As a intermission to allow the cars and drivers to cool down, a local Atlanta stunter was killing it with tricks like no handed circles, and a wheelie on the tank all the way around the track oval. Sick stuff!

My cameras had issues with the low light in the evening as I expected, so I simply shot video. And some amazing video it was. Tandem runs coming straight at me and then blasting off to the final sweeper. I could feel the roar of the engines underneath me while I was ten feet off the ground.

At the event I bumped into an old Huntsville friend, and he introduced me to Marcos of Southeast Drift. We chatted for a bit about drifting, and he actually mentioned that Huntsville could hold these type of events. Interesting to know. I also spent a good part of the day hanging with Damion of Shiftpoint, so shouts out to him and his crew.

As the evening finished, I was totally exhausted and had a long drive ahead of me. What a long and fun day. Until the next time guys. -- Samir
2 members will be attending this event:
Redstone Riders Weekly Breakfast and Ride
Calendar: Events Calendar
This event occurs every 1 week(s) on Saturday
March 1st to March 7th
09:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Where: Mullin's Drive-In Restaurant, 607 Andrew Jackson Way in 5 Points

Every week the Redstone Riders get together for breakfast and then a ride. Breakfast starts at 9am and the ride starts at 10am. Rides can vary in length and time, usually ending around 5pm or so. See the Redstone Riders calendar for detailed information on each ride.

From the Redstone Riders web site:
"Come join us for breakfast at Mullinís Drive-in Restaurant located at 607 Andrew Jackson Way in 5 points. Visitors are always welcome, just pull up a chair and introduce yourself to the person next to you.

Then weather permitting, there will be a club ride. Every Saturday the Redstone Riders depart from Mullinís for a ride on some of the best twisty roads in our area. All you need is a full tank of gas and few dollars for lunch. All guest and visitors are welcome.

Each week one of our Road Captains will lead a ride on the back roads of the Southeast. Our winter rides average 150 miles, and we try to make it back before dark. Mid ride we always find good local cuisine wherever we are. Everyone is welcome to ride with us."
10th Annual Christmas in November
Calendar: Events Calendar
November 28th 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM
Where: Barton First Baptist Church, 12925 Highway 72, Cherokee, AL 35616-5217
Contact: Lyman Rea 256-412-0596

More information on this event as it becomes available. Event end time is just a guess.
Ultimate Image 256 ctc meeting
Calendar: Events Calendar
This event occurs every 1 week(s) on Saturday
August 22nd to August 22nd
07:30 PM to 10:00 PM
Where: The old Winn-dixie on Oakwood Ave.
Contact: Scott Tanner

More information on this as it becomes available.
Southern Customs CTC Meeting
Calendar: Events Calendar
This event occurs every 1 week(s) on Saturday
October 3rd to October 3rd
08:00 PM to 10:00 AM
Where: Superwalmart parking lot on south parkway
Contact: J. R. Simmers : jcymez@tmail.com

come out and see what we're all about
Vibe Customs C.T.C. meeting
Calendar: Events Calendar
This event occurs every 1 week(s) on Saturday
June 21st to June 26th
08:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Where: HH Gregg parking lot

Vibe Customs Car and Truck Club meetings run 8pm to usually 10pm. Unless we have an out of town event. Times are subject to change if there is a night show or other event going on that day. Please contact Big Mike or Skip for more infomation, preferably by email at vibemembership@yahoo.com or simply come to one of our meetings!.
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