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  1. Samir
    June 27th
    Done! It's always on my list to try to attend if possible. Always great to see my good friend who got the ball to roll.
  2. b.a.king
    June 27th
    can you set me up a survey on my knew thread about 3rd Friday/Saturday?
  3. Samir
    March 17th
    Hey man, copy both links here or email them to me and I'll fix it. Hope you're doing well!
  4. b.a.king
    March 16th
    Hello my friend hope all is well. our 3rd Friday cruise in start this Friday night. one of the threads states that it starts on the 15th.since there are 2 threads can you either a) delete one,b, change date to 21st. thanks. take care,stay warm
  5. Samir
    January 7th
    If you're going to have a new flyer for the new location (which I'd highly recommend), I think it would be best to start a new event listing. It will keep the two events separate and keep anyone from getting confused. Also, I'd highly recommend putting a specific address (restaurant would be good) that people can punch into a gps so there's no problem finding it this year.

    And I should be turning on the new ad server for 2014, so if you want to add the www.huntsvillecarscene.com url to the flyer, I'll run some banner ads for the event on the site. I know we can make 2014 the biggest year ever!
  6. Samir
    January 7th
    It's been a busy few months with a lot of stress handling moving twice in 4 months and attempting to handle all my parents work. But at least my wife has her dream job here in Milwaukee--yep, you read that right--I'm freezing way up north right now.

    But not to fear, I'm still going to be in the south once the dust settles a little more. Then I'll be laser focused back on everything we've ever talked about that can happen in our little neck of the woods.
  7. b.a.king
    January 7th
    Hello Samir, Hope all is well with you. We are moving our cruise in to the 2nd ave area because of more eating places. just wondering if you could change the name of the thread to the "NEW" Decatur cruise in.Or do I need to start a whole new thread? lmk and come see us this year.
  8. Samir
    January 26th
    I don't think she ever gave it to us actually. Why?
  9. b.a.king
    January 25th
    samir,do you remember what amy's last name was?
  10. Samir
    January 9th
    After doing enough research on a Sat night date, 2nd Saturday won't work at all. It conflicts with both the established cruisins Steak and Shake and Jeff's. The 3rd weekend wouldn't be good either since that's Cafe 302. 1st weekend is decently okay since it only conflicts with Athens and New Hope. The 4th weekend doesn't conflict with anything local I can find, and in most months it's one weekend before Gadsden, which allows cross-promotion.

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