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HOSS429 May 19th 06:32 PM

Name The Car
# 1 the first person to correctly identify a posted vehicle gets to post a new challenge
# 2 after 48 hours if no one has guessed the challenge then clues to its make must be given
# 3 after 72 hours a new vehicle must be posted or the challenge passed to a new person
# 4 if you cant or dont know how to post a picture then name a model of something and the first person to post a picture of it wins
# 5 rules will be alterd or made up as we go along .

HOSS429 May 19th 06:41 PM

lets start with an easy one

2K5STANG May 19th 08:31 PM

EASY.........That is the Mustang I from 1962, a mid-engine two seater Show Car!! Introducted on Oct. 7, 1962.

HOSS429 May 19th 08:41 PM

you are up

2K5STANG May 19th 08:41 PM

Let me find a good one.............I love this game!!

2K5STANG May 19th 09:28 PM

Name That Car #2
See Rules above.....

HOSS429 May 19th 09:41 PM

very close to "christene'

2K5STANG May 19th 09:47 PM

getting warm!

Samir May 20th 03:28 AM

Is it a Ford product?

Spook May 20th 05:35 AM


2K5STANG May 20th 08:13 AM

Crysler is correct................what model is it?

HOSS429 May 20th 08:36 AM

ammendment to rule # 5 . model - make - and close to correct year as some cars looked alike for several years sometimes. ;)

Spook May 20th 08:53 AM

trick question
the model name, is the trim level

2K5STANG May 20th 03:12 PM

We have a winner!! :D

1961 Chrysler Newport

Tag you're it!

Spook May 20th 04:36 PM

HOSS429 May 20th 04:50 PM

rule # 6 - cars must be from planet earth ;)

Spook May 20th 04:55 PM

german made, limited production,
(hint they use to make airplanes)

Samir May 20th 05:33 PM

Saab something?

Spook May 20th 05:38 PM

aaaaaaant try again

2K5STANG May 20th 06:06 PM


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