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LagoGarda October 1st 04:18 AM

The Name the Car Game--October 2006

LagoGarda October 2nd 10:12 AM

Chrysler powered. Pic of actual motor.

LagoGarda October 3rd 04:51 AM

Well....let's try a front view showing the grill. What was the penalty for a wrong guess??? :confused:

HOSS429 October 3rd 06:08 AM

off with their heads

jetstar October 3rd 08:01 AM

1956 Facel Vega Excellence

LagoGarda October 3rd 08:28 AM

Right on!! (1959) close enough! your up! Jetstar :)

LagoGarda October 3rd 08:30 AM


Originally Posted by MOONW
off with their heads

Didn't hear about that one...would explain the slow down on guesses though...Jetstar lose a pinky toe for wrong year??

jetstar October 3rd 10:22 AM

Year, Make & Model

LagoGarda October 3rd 11:11 AM

I'm going with>>>>
1957 Morgan 44 SS Roadster. :D but could also be>>
1958 Morgan Plus 4. 2 seat roadster.

jetstar October 3rd 11:17 AM

Close enough.. It's a '64 Plus 4, but there is virtually no difference during those model years. Your turn..

LagoGarda October 3rd 12:25 PM

year/make/ full model

CADster October 3rd 01:04 PM

1973 renault alpine a110

the year is impossible... all of them look the same
like this 1970

LagoGarda October 3rd 02:27 PM

Correct!! Your up! :)
it actually was a 1970. :)

CADster October 3rd 02:38 PM

point out the difference.... then

smarty pants :D

LagoGarda October 3rd 02:56 PM


Originally Posted by CADster
point out the difference.... then

smarty pants :D

no brainer......AGE!!! :D
think 73 had a GT available where as 1970 did not...only ;
1300VA, 1300VB, 1300VC, 1600VB (pictured) motors and the GS option but no GT.

CADster October 3rd 03:28 PM

ahh.. i was loking at the door handle... notice the 73 has a handle, while the 70 dont
(your has a door handle)

ill try to post one real quick.

CADster October 3rd 03:34 PM thing.jpg

LagoGarda October 3rd 06:33 PM

looks roveresque

CADster October 3rd 07:02 PM

your going in the right direction...

what does it kinda 'look' like.. not what it is of course (its way too small and stubby)

LagoGarda October 4th 03:42 AM

yep the grill looks Maserati-ish also but to small and stubby. but off to work we go so no searching for me today. :mad:

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