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respect'89 September 5th 04:30 PM

I had it for 12:00 to 4:00. I know that 4 hours is a lot, but it will depend on how many cars will show up.

Samir September 5th 09:17 PM

What day is this on?

respect'89 September 6th 09:05 AM

Its on Saturday, September 23rd.

CADster September 6th 11:18 AM

wow.. that far away.

aint this just a little meet up ?

respect'89 September 6th 11:36 AM

well on the 16th there is NOPI and it would be to short of a notice for this week-end.

CADster September 6th 11:42 AM

ohh.. NOPI

forgot about that.
maybe because im not going.

Samir September 6th 12:41 PM

Seems like a pretty good Saturday to do it on. Pretty quiet so far. If the times will stay the same for the next one, I'd say do it on a Sunday. I think the turnout would be better. There's a lot to do on Saturday...well...more than other days anyways. :o

respect'89 September 6th 12:47 PM

I posted the meet under the events.

Samir September 6th 12:55 PM

Yep, it's validated and on the calendar. :)

ludeamister September 6th 06:11 PM

yea sunday might not be better for me but i think ud get a better show on those days. Weekends are bad for me until next semester i believe but im one person

CADster September 7th 09:42 AM

maybe you could put in for 2/3 hours off that day.

with the flyers already made and the info in the calander.
i dont think we should change the date.

and it was good to meet ya, bogie :)

respect'89 September 7th 12:06 PM

Yeah, it was good to see another Honda guy out.

ludeamister September 7th 03:53 PM

i didnt see any other hondas up there last night? was i missing something (well i say cadster but yea that was it)

respect'89 September 7th 03:58 PM

I was there, I got there aroung 6:30 with my fiance and my daughter, but left a little bit after 8.

CADster September 7th 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by ludeamister
i didnt see any other hondas up there last night? was i missing something (well i say cadster but yea that was it)

respect89 parked hidden style.
most likely shy about his ride.
first timer at the cruise in, ya know :)

overall, he has a very nice and clean honda.
but i bet 95% of the people who saw it did not know what they were looking at.

but you met him, so his car was there when you were there.
he was passing out the honda meet flyers....done up way too nice for what i thought we were planning... LOL

i believe this meet is going to be bigger then anyone of us thought.

i am also calling about using my friends trailer tonight.

respect'89 September 7th 04:12 PM

Thank you kindlly for your words.

CADster September 7th 04:13 PM


your too nice and polite


Samir September 8th 01:34 AM

Man, how did I miss him? :confused: I didn't even get a flyer. :( I wanted to see too...

ludeamister September 8th 07:18 AM

it was a nice flyer... what kind of car you have respect like colors and everything... hey cad thanks i get my schedule later tonight and ill find out what day i could do it... and i filed a claim with paypal its 45 days and it was exactly 45 days last night... i hopefully get a reply

CADster September 8th 09:36 AM

ok.. i knew it ws short... 30 days (like i told you) was too short.

ill email u the flyer, samir.
hold on a bit.

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