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MYLOTOY August 15th 08:41 AM

We have a new (old) "Baby"
Just aquired a 1973 Mach 1 from my father in-law. Just another "mouth" to feed. HA HA
This is the only reason there my truck will ever be out side on my driveway.

Samir August 15th 09:55 AM

Wow, cool find. Is it show worthy?

MYLOTOY August 15th 10:49 AM

no it needs some work, new brakes, tires, transmission seal, vinal top, BUT IT RUNS SO WHO CARES. just needs some TLC

Samir August 15th 11:09 AM

That's not bad. A little bit of time and money will do it.

MYLOTOY August 15th 11:24 AM

Money whats that cause the Ls is still sucking that lake dry.

Samir August 15th 01:36 PM

It always does. :D I need $400 for a new radar dectector, $350 for rotors for the Galant, $350 for rotors for the vette, as well as a bunch of other stuff. This is an expensive hobby...but it's worth every penny. :D

Munchie August 15th 02:20 PM

wow what kind of radar detector cost 400$? that thing better fill my tank once a week,lol.

Unregistered August 15th 03:40 PM

the only kind worth having.. a Valentine 1.
all others are just toys

Samir August 15th 04:25 PM


Originally Posted by Unregistered
the only kind worth having.. a Valentine 1.
all others are just toys

Correct and correct. I've used them all--Cobra, Uniden, Bel, Whistler. Nothing, I mean nothing touches the Valentine. My brother, a hardcore Bel fan just sent me his because he bought a v1. He's never looked back, literally, lol.

Samir August 15th 04:25 PM

More info here:

Nevr2loS10 August 15th 07:22 PM

yea bag the taco forget the ford lol....and yes to agree w/ everyone this is a very expensive hobby but i wouldnt trade it for anything in the world

MYLOTOY August 16th 06:28 AM

The Mach 1 was A FREEEEEBIEEEEE which is awsome.

The Taco will be bagged at some point.

First I have to get the Ls done.

Samir August 16th 06:29 AM

Projects, projects. One step at a time, and do each step right. :D

MYLOTOY August 22nd 09:55 AM

I got some videos and photos of the new one this weekend. It started up on the 2nd crank and it sounded so nice. I was one proud "papa"

Samir August 22nd 01:50 PM

Good stuff. Email me the pics and videos and I'll post them up.

MYLOTOY August 22nd 01:51 PM

I will e-mail them to you tonight. I haven't even pulled them off the camera.

Samir August 22nd 02:01 PM

Cool. I'm sure it will be a couple of days before I get to the email anyways. Right now there's already 150 in queue and I can't start working on them until the pictures from this weekend are all processed and posted.

MYLOTOY August 23rd 04:10 AM

Thats cool cause I forgot to send them lastnight anyway I was working on the car.

Samir August 23rd 11:02 AM

It's all good. Work on the car first, then the pictures. ;)

Munchie August 23rd 09:02 PM

You know what you should do..............BAG IT. lol j\k. But you got to admit it would be the only 1973 Mach 1 ever to be bagged. At least in the Northern

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