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biggest250 August 13th 05:36 PM

Looking For Truck Club To Join
Jus Looking To Join A Truck Club Was Wondering If Anybody Knew Of A Club That Liked Jacked Up 4x4's

Samir August 13th 05:46 PM

Rocket City Rock Crawlers is the only official club that is specific to that genre. But as their name implies, they're mainly into rock crawling. There's probably a few groups of people with trucks that hang out informally, but I don't know any of them.

biggest250 August 13th 06:00 PM

Yeah I Knew About Rc But Im Not Big On Crawling Id Rather Show It Off

biggest250 August 13th 06:04 PM

Do U No Of Any Upcoming Shows With A 4x4 Class I Showed It Yesterday In The 302 Show Didnt Do Much Good But They Didnt Have My Class Either

Samir August 13th 06:58 PM

There aren't too many shows that have classes specifically for off-road vehicles. There's just not too many of them around for show. I would recommend shows like the Gurley cruise-in which only have awards for the top cars and no classes.

biggest250 August 13th 07:14 PM

where is the cruise in at this wednesday

fordrunner16 August 13th 08:11 PM

what kinda truck is it iknow 4x4 but is it ford or chevy or mopar??

biggest250 August 13th 08:49 PM

2000 f250 12in susp. lift 46in michelin-x tires banks stinger kit with a superchip stacked on top double rollbars pretty sharp truck

fordrunner16 August 13th 08:52 PM

dude i saw that truck last nite and the car show thats a nice truck but i do have one question why dont u have ur fornt axle hooked up to ur transfercase???

fordrunner16 August 13th 09:03 PM

i think for just showing ur truck i would agree with samir i mean there r not really to many classes for trucks like urs or 4x4s period unless u rock crawl and i wouldnt take ur truck crawlin its to nice for that like at 302 u could have put ur truck in the most modified truck class but in the end its up to u

biggest250 August 13th 09:04 PM

I Havnt Had It Lifted Very Long And I Havnt Got My Driveshaft Extended Yet Ive Got To Lengthen It 4 Inches I Appreciate The Compliment

biggest250 August 13th 09:06 PM


fordrunner16 August 13th 09:14 PM

i think u would have had the xtreme mod in the bag i mean no one else had a truck like urs the only ones i saw were some chevy s10s and a 1500

Munchie August 13th 09:40 PM


Originally Posted by biggest250
Jus Looking To Join A Truck Club Was Wondering If Anybody Knew Of A Club That Liked Jacked Up 4x4's

ALABAMA CUSTOM CAR AND TRUCK CLUB, they are a good group of guys and they already have a few HIGH RISE 4X4' You would be a good addition to the ACC\TC. I personnally know the president and he is a very cool guy. He is a frequentor to this forum as well, and am sure that he will chime in on this thread in a little

Nevr2loS10 August 13th 10:56 PM

sup man Im the prez of the North AL chapter of Vertically Challenged...if your into building a lifted truck for show not for offroading and what not check us out

Nevr2loS10 August 13th 10:57 PM

I just found out the site is down for maitenance...if you go to and look up clubs were vertically challenged truck club....chapters in most of the states in the us, canada and australia

JayMack75 August 13th 11:13 PM

Yeah man, we are Alabama Custom Car and Truck Club. We're open to any and all makes and models...lowered or lifted. In fact, we've got one other guy that also had a lifted ford truck that has been looking at getting in. Were you the guy at 302 last night with the strobes and stuff on the huge lifted truck? If you were, I had planned on finding you and giving you a card, but I was fresh out of them. If you'd like more info about the ACC/TC then send me an e-mail ( or call me at 990-7788.

JayMack75 August 13th 11:14 PM

oh...and the website which is partially up but will be fully functional in the next week is

Samir August 14th 12:55 AM


Originally Posted by biggest250
where is the cruise in at this wednesday

It will either be Kmart off parkway near the University drive intersection or HHGregg by the mall. I'm waiting to hear from HHGregg.

MYLOTOY August 14th 10:52 AM

DUDE your truck is awsome I also tried to find who owned it to give you a card. Jay you should have asked me for one I always carry them.

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