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mgreene June 29th 11:56 AM

Car Stories
As requested by Samir, I offer this up as a first submission : (Sorry if some have read it before)...

My search for a GT-350

Samir June 29th 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by mgreene
As requested by Samir, I offer this up as a first submission : (Sorry if some have read it before)...

My search for a GT-350

I've read this one, but it's a goody!

HOSS429 June 29th 01:34 PM

mayhaps i could put my junkyard stories here rather than start glory days

Samir June 29th 01:39 PM

Put them both! :D

HOSS429 June 29th 03:38 PM

in 68 (1968) one of my older brothers bought a 1966 ford galaxie. black on black with bucket seats - 4 speed & 7 litre badging on the fender. it wouldnt out run nothing as everyone was beating him. but it kindled my love of go fast cars. i was in my early teens but i knew all my brothers friends and the kind of cars they drove..he went away to vietnam and the car was abandoned. this isnt one of those stories where a guy gets killed and the car sits forever. he retired several years ago. he neglected to completely pay for the car and woody took it back. from there i know nothing more. this is the first installment of many . mgreene will like the next one

HOSS429 June 30th 10:23 AM

fast foward a few years. in mid 72 a salvage yard opened in the area. already being a fledgeling car enthusiast i began to hang around. incedently i drove a 1964 ford galaxie 390 six pack 4 speed at the time. even then it was an old car. kids at school made fun of it. but anyway. the second or third time i went by the yard to look around . i noticed a little white mustang with blue stripes running across the top.. one of my other brothers had always kept a new mustang so i new what it was . but the GT 350 on the fendor didnt register any. i didnt inquire about its price tag as it had a bad motor. and i couldnt buy it if it was 50$ or 500$. it disappeared a short time later . it was one of the lucky ones to get away . next -can you say (CHRISTENE)

HOSS429 June 30th 03:49 PM

it is another year later now and the salvage yard owner has gotten to know me . i got a job there as an R&R man. customers sometimes wanted what they bought installed. i liked it cause it was giving me the mechanical skills i wanted. i had traded the 64 ford for a 65 mustang . much newer car. one of my first jobs was to change engines in a 57 or so chrysler ( christene car) it had the hemi engine. when done the owner simply decided he didnt want the car anymore and wouldnt pay.. it sat for awhile till it was stripped and crushed. the motor to the motor pile and soon to oblivion. incedently the 64 ford broke down on the guy i traded it to . it went to an impound yard. they contacted me several times about getting my car back by paying wrecker fee and storage bill. he never took the car out of my name. i said no no no no dont want that junk

HOSS429 July 1st 10:33 AM

another year goes by. i have finished school and i am back working at the yard. a 1970 buick gsx comes in hit hard in the front .yellow with black stripe. certainly not unrepairable by todays standard. but it gets stripped and i get the job putting the motor in a big buick electra. the motor ran perfect but the customer didnt like the rumpity exhaust note. we could not convince him it wasnt missing. finally i had to put a stock cam in it to satisfy him . along that same time line a gauwdy looking red white and blue rambler showed up ( machine) it wasnt hurt at all. but knowing nothing would ever be sold off it . it was stripped . the motor went straight to the pile.. by the way . at a car lot in fayetteville about this time frame there was a blue BOSS 429 for sale . i looked at it . it had a knock in the motor. 2500$ was way to much. you got to remember that these were just cars then . later i have a 69 r code mustang tale to tell. it may yet be found to have a happy ending.

HOSS429 July 1st 03:28 PM

same time same place. a 67 or 8 T5 ford red on red 302 4 speed coupe comes in. running condition .the trunk is removed and it is used as a yard car untill it just falls into the ground.( another one bites the dust). a T37 pontiac is dismantled. no body damage at all. a 70 monte carlo 454 .390 horse is stripped. i did at least set up a guy i knew with its motor. it went into a 46 chevy

HOSS429 July 5th 10:29 AM

it is now late 74 or early 75 . i am not working at the yard but i still hang around from time to time. im not sure if i even had a job but i did have 250 bucks in my pocket when a 69 440 six pack super bee came in.. it had been blown against a building by a tornado . the whole right side beat up. i put on a fender and door.and beat out the quarter panel as best i could then spray bombed it flat black. gregg larry can tell you of some rides we took in this beast on some tenn. dirt roads. once i was going to show out in front of some friends , i lit the tires part throttle in 1st and 2nd gear then at about 45 mph went full throttle into 3rd then the rear end decided it wanted to be in front. after at least 3 .360 spins i wound up in a big ditch with only the front and rear bumpers touching ground after my friends quit laughing a tractor got me out . i eventually broke the trans and gave the car back to the yard

Puter July 6th 12:55 AM

I had just finished selling a 75 camaro that I had put some work into. A woman liked the maroon outside and black inside. I had $750 in my pocket and was wondering what to do. Looked in the paper a bit until I saw an ad that read "69 GTO 400 4sp - $750".

Hmmmm... Called them up and found they still had it. Called up my brother to take a ride. Pulled into a cul-de-sac and saw this white thing. Then saw a wing on the trunk. Wing? Got up close and parked and saw fender emblems. Fender emblems? They said "THE JUDGE". Naw, it's fake. Looked inside the passenger side and it had the glovebox door emblem. It had some primered spots, white paint was more chalk than anything, a dent in one fender, seats were ripped. Knocked on the door and talked a bit. Asked to drive it. Put the pedal down in first - fried teh tires. Second, same thing. Third, finally felt it grab halfway through. Fourth still broke them loose.

So, my brother needs new underwear. He has a grin that won't come off for days and tells me I have to buy it. I offer the guy $600, he says he can't take less than $650. We go straight to change the title right then. He also mentions that someone called and was coming over with cash to buy it sight unseen if I wasn't taking it.

I sold that one to help pay for college. Last I saw it was on a Pontiac showroom floor. This is in a carshow...

MarkDorner July 6th 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by Puter
I sold that one to help pay for college. Last I saw it was on a Pontiac showroom floor. This is in a carshow...

Dumbass. ;) :D

Puter July 6th 09:16 AM



There was one week that I actually squeezed 10MPG out of that thing. Most boring week that I had with that car.

HOSS429 July 6th 10:33 AM

after a few forgettable cars and even a motorcycle it is 76 now and i go to the yard and find two mustangs. both mach ones. one green 351 auto. with wiped out quarter panel. one 428 r code 4 speed hit in three quarter front. i buy the r code again for 250 $ includeing parts to fix, the hood is already the same color but without the hole for the shaker hood. again i spraybomb the fender with matching code paint ,it looks ok. the shaker scoop disapears. a friend gets the green one , fixes it and sells it for 750$.. in a short time the motor goes sour . i tear it down ,have R&R do some machine work put it back in and off i go. i race a friend with a 440 challenger he beats me by a fender. the law is very scarce those days. so when they finally arrive at the scene of the crime. another friend is driving up also in a blue mustang. he gets my ticket for drag racing on the street. he still steems about that. later i sell the mach one to a guy who immediately yanks the motor and trans and put in a 6 cylinder automatic. this is why someone may know where this car wound up. not many r code mustangs were running around with 6 cylinder motors in them. i got the motor back but didnt keep it long. the next ten or twelve were a blur ( i was married ) but i will think of something.

HOSS429 July 6th 04:04 PM

i kind of thought some one would jump in and tell me what the T5 ford was. we had heard back then that it was an export only mustang. that could not be called a mustang in the country it went to, i have seen a T37 pontiac on my classic car but i dont remember the why of that name. (a gto with also no emblems)

HOSS429 July 7th 05:18 AM

the best part of my day is the drive to and from work. every morning i fall in line with most of the same people ( the madison cop- the pepsi pt cruiser- the guy in the blue and silver s10) they all speed right on by me . i dont drive fast, and always at the next lite i ease right back past them so they can zoom away again .it happens at nearly every lite untill we hit 565 then they finally vanish for good. the same thing going home except i wave or point to the same people every time they go past. this isnt really going anywhere it is just fun to see people in such a hurry. recently though i did get a speeding ticket( 63 in a 45) when the trooper got through chewing me out about the perils of speeding i told him i wasnt a speeder i was a hot rodder.i said if you has been 5 seconds eariler you would have gotten me doing a hundred or more. as i had just gotten on the brakes. my first ticket ever in a 30 year career of terrorizing the neighborhood.

HOSS429 July 7th 10:21 AM

there was a period in my wedful bliss that i partook in a liitle drag racing at huntsville dragway.. i bought my first pinto from the yard ,( i wont say how much as you would think they sold everything for 250$ )..i shoehorned a 289 in with help from a hooker header set and a friends garage. i finally got it down to 8.6 or so then later back halved it into a pro street car . one of the first around .red white and blue paint. big M/T tires and all. i built another one from ground up full framed and caged .iwas at a friends house looking thru his junk for parts and found a boss 302 intake( buddy bar) . while there i noticed one of his kids driving nails in a plank with a connecting rod. a polished ,balanced 3/8 bolt connecting rod. i snatched it from him and we found the other 7 as well as the steel crank they once wrapped around. no heads or block though. but i knew 351 cleveland heads could be made to work . stop up a hole and make a new hole here and there..R&R took care of that .i assembled this thing and put it in the ground up pinto. it would not take wide open throttle from idle without explodeing a flame out the carb. it never made a pass . in disgust i got rid of it

Samir July 7th 10:26 AM

I noticed that too when I used to work a job. The same people, the same place, the same time. The normal routine. I didn't like it--I felt like sheep being hearded around. Although it was cool to see the same cars over and over.

I'd watch the law enforcement in this area. They are some of the best when it comes to speed traps and such. The only state I've found to be more skilled is MS. They are unbelievable good.

People are always speeding by some margin or another. But I'm usually the one caught because of one reason or another. Look like they may be moving on to other targets. ;) Lookout Hoss!

HOSS429 July 7th 10:36 AM

my stuff is more known in tennessee as i never see the law up there . i dont cruise the hoss very much in ala.

HOSS429 July 7th 04:03 PM

i dont have a home computor so i have to do this at work hence my early (lunch) and late entries. but it has it bennies. my car is usually the first in the parking lot and the last to leave. the boss thinks i am working . i got a good review and raise recently

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