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Beckham February 7th 07:57 AM

Edo Competition Porsche Panamera


If you're the proud owner of a Porsche Panamera and want to make it even more attractive, the Germans from Edo Competition have developed an amazing tuning program for it which was dubbed as "Moby Dick". That's quite an odd name for a car, but this is apparently the most powerful Panamera in the world and also one of the most beautiful as well.

The Edo Competition Porsche Panamera received a couple of exciting upgrades under the hood that managed to increase the power of the twin turbo V8 engine by a staggering 50% from the standard 500 PS/493 bhp to a breathtaking 750 PS/740 bhp. This leads to a 0 to 100 km/h acceleration time of under 4 seconds and a top speed of 340 km/h or about 211 mph.

In terms of design, the Panamera Moby Dick received an aggressive aerodynamics package that makes it stand out of the pack, a lowering module that gives it a sportier stance and beautiful 22" wheels that will surely turn a lot of heads on the streets. The car also comes with a revised exhaust system with quad stainless steel exhaust pipes and butterfly valves into a carbon rear diffuser.

Edo Competition also took care of the car's interior and they could refine it with fine leather and fabrics combined with wood, metal or carbon fiber trims.

A_Cryer February 7th 09:07 AM

That is absolutely sick. White on white w/carbon fiber is perfect for this car.

Samir February 7th 09:45 AM

Very nice and subtle. But now it needs a brake upgrade to fill out the wheels. :eek:

dmcmahan12 February 7th 04:13 PM

I say it is FUGLY!!! Sorry but the side shots are just hideous! Thanks Beck:(

Samir February 7th 04:40 PM

Well, the stock Panamera sideshot isn't a thing of beauty either. ;)

What I didn't like in the side shot is that you can't even see that expensive carbon fibre spoiler. I know shooting in high key environments like snow with a panda car is extremely difficult, but it seems like they needed to have better photography equipment and some better post. There's good dynamic range, but it needs more. And is it just me or is the white balance off? The car looks different shades of white in the different pictures.

A_Cryer February 7th 04:53 PM

I would drive it all day, every day. Im tired of just plain chrome or black wheels. Some one has thought outside of the box on this one ...

Bama SRT February 7th 06:40 PM

I'm still not liking a 4 door Porsche but that front is HOT!

duh09 February 7th 07:02 PM

I like it a LOT more than a standard Panamera but those wheels look god awful. I know they're carbon fiber and all but that look absolutely cheap and tacky.

A_Cryer February 7th 09:18 PM

The white lip is Legit

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