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1992LexusSC400 March 20th 06:14 PM

New here from Athens... well almost
Been a member of another forum for over 2 years now, and just found this site out. Im into the Lexus and BMW theme, but just love cars in general. I am looking to meet new people and check out other cars at some local meets. I am from Birmingham originally, but found my new home here in Athens. I work on the Arsenal. Will post pictures up of my rides soon.

I am a paid firefighter full time and a Professional Auto Detailer by trade. I love to clean cars. I dont just do a glorified car wash, but to the extreme cleaning. You know what I am talking about when you see my white SC 400. I started this over 20 years ago and have many refferances if needed. Just give me a chance. PM me for more info and pricing.

Look forward to hearing from everyone and meeting new people. :)

cheesepuff March 20th 07:17 PM

Welcome! lookin foward to seeing the rides!

Samir March 20th 07:31 PM

Welcome! Small world, my parents live in Athens. :) I can't wait to see pics of the SC. You still see a lot of these cars around, but many aren't in great shape, especially the paint. :(

Feel free to add more information to your intro thread:

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1992LexusSC400 March 20th 08:13 PM

Yeah I have to totally agree with you on that one. Mostly the ones earlier than 1995 have been repainted due to the owners not even having the courtesy to wax them. MIne on the other hand has been somewhat taken care of before I drover her home.

A little history about the SC... Bought it from a friend of mine at work over three years ago. It had 133K and it had a few little minor problems. Noting major, A/C didnt blow real cold, needed tires, and a few little things. It also needed the Fuel ECU replaced. It would start then shut off soon after. I have since then done the following:

New parts:

AC compressor and evaporator
climate control display, which are notorious for turning black
new lights in cluster, replaced all with LEDS and needles
new upper and lower control arm bushings, on all four corners
new sway bar links, front and rear
new rack and pinion bushings
new Tokico struts
new strut mounts
new rear end with seals
timing belt
water pump
upper and lower radiator hoses
cam seals
rims, 19x9.5 275/35/19 rear, 19x8.5 front 245/35/19, Bridgstone Runflats
all new interior, some original, some not
repainted all the interior with SEM black Landau paint on the vinyl and plastic
SEM paint GMC Black on the seats
upgraded the speakers in rear to 6x9, from 5x7's
upgraded the front to 6 1/2" from 4", made special adaptors, front and rear
replaced the headunit with a Panasonic, threw the Nakamichi in the garbage can
Painted the woodgrain to black chrome
replaced the center vents to non cracked ones
replaced the steering wheel to another black factory one with airbag
all interior lighting to LEDS
dyed all the carpet and the floor mats to black
fixed the cracked door panels
recovered the factory speaker covers to black cloth to match the interior
removed the three cats, now straight piped and using stock Lexus mufflers
replaced transmission and both motor mounts
built a BFI, big freaking intake, with a K and N filter
custom made clear corner marker lights
painted the taillights, then sanded down and buffed to give a perfect shine
replaced all of the emblems with new chrome ones
removed the factory gold pin stripe

I am sure theres more.... Its almost done except for

2JZ or 1JZ swap
W58 five speed swap
and alot of boosting!!!!

Kids need to graduate first, then the modding begins!

This is my daily driver... I also just purshased another SC. Its green and a 1995 SC400 with 334K. Paid $400 for it and the AC still works.. I drive it too... It aint much to look at but it drives good and its comfortable.

Samir March 20th 08:32 PM

Wow, sounds like you put a lot of work into it. :eek: Can't wait to see the pics. :)

1992LexusSC400 March 20th 08:35 PM

I'm trying to post some now.. I dont see any where I can... I guess I have to post a link.. Some help?

Used to seeing manage attachments on the forums?

Samir March 20th 08:40 PM

Attachments are off since they'll bloat the database, but there is a way to upload them so you can link to them:

Let me know if you have any trouble. :)

Samir March 20th 08:40 PM

You can also link the pictures anywhere else too. :)

1992LexusSC400 March 20th 08:52 PM

Heres a few pictures, but only teasers. The red SC is one of my favorites. Its pushing a 2JZ with over 900 HP.. WOW.. let me know what you think.. I will post more once the interior is complete! Heres the link.

Samir March 20th 09:36 PM

Cool! The white SC could use a slight drop, but the BMW sits just right imo. I can't believe you got a running Lexus for $400. It's in decent shape too!

That red SC is pretty awesome. The way the rear pipes stick out and the shape of the rear in that shot reminds of the old Impala SS.

Here's some embedded links to the photos for easy viewing. :)

1992LexusSC400 March 20th 09:42 PM

Yes you are right the white one could use a drop but its the daily driver. It drives very tight and I didnt want to be scrubbing. I already had to grind the rear quarters down flat for the big tires, and remove the front fender well linings. I then used undercoating. The red one sits perfect! Mine will eventually..

Samir March 20th 09:52 PM

Wow, if it's already got rubbing issues, I'd leave it alone. The red one does sit nice, but I'd never drive my car if I had it that low. :eek: I'd hit the brakes hard and I'd be rubbing. :D

1992LexusSC400 March 21st 11:41 AM

I want to add supra tt struts and shocks eventually but these shocks are still good. This will give me about another 3/4 to 1 inch drop. Just what I am after. Nothing to low or slammed with negative chamber but a little tender to Tire closure.

Samir March 21st 12:01 PM

Are the Supra ones fully bolt-in? I knew a lot of other stuff is, but didn't think the chassis were that similar. :eek:

1992LexusSC400 March 21st 12:06 PM

Yes straight bolt on for the struts. Also the rear end and the upper and lower control arms.

Beckham March 21st 12:16 PM

Supra suspension will generally lower an SC, too.

Samir March 21st 12:17 PM

That's awesome. Especially since there's so much available for the Supra.

Beckham March 21st 12:31 PM

Brandon's SC300 had all Supra suspension on it and it drove/looked/performed awesome.

1992LexusSC400 March 21st 02:38 PM

Mine drivers night and day compared to stock bushings. They were a pain in the neck to change out but well worth the time and effort. I used a torch and a lot of patience. It was a mess. Some people have stated that the bushing grease has started to squeak but mine hasn't yet. Still solid.

Wilson! March 21st 03:44 PM

mine had Supra Tokico Blues with Supra Tein springs, so it sat LOW. it handled great and rode okay, but you couldn't strattle a empty pack of cigarettes without it dragging them lol. good looking car, white is my favorite color on those, and most every other car lol.

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