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335iroc May 11th 10:56 PM

new guy to the forum
Names Steven, talked with samir for the first time this past weekend at jake's and thought i would join. I have two cars, both IROC Camaros, one is a 1986 335 stroker, that I am trying to get into the 7's. It's going though a rebuild right now, and the other is my daily driver a 1987 355 Camaro that maybe with some luck will run in the 8's lol. I'll try and post some pics up tomorrow of both.

Samir May 12th 01:29 AM

Welcome! It's good to see you here Steven. :) I can't wait to see pics of the cars, and better yet, see them make their passes at Jakes! :D

You planning on going to the track in two weeks? Sounds like there's going to be some great racing there. :)

335iroc May 12th 06:23 AM

I'm pretty sure I'll be there. I'll be in my white camaro again, my other one is still waiting on parts and paint :( there was some good racing there this past weekend. I believe the best run of the night was the scooter.

Samir May 12th 06:56 AM


Originally Posted by 335iroc (Post 45280)
I believe the best run of the night was the scooter.

But he wasn't racing anyone, lol. My favorite race was one I didn't get on video--z06 vs Trans Am. The Trans Am had it out of the hole, but the z06 had enough mph to come back at the end.

335iroc May 12th 06:59 AM

I think I missed that race lol

Samir May 12th 08:30 PM

I almost missed it myself as I was talking in the pits. :( I only saw it from a distance.

335iroc May 12th 08:33 PM

Hopefully they'll be more good racing to come out there and maybe I'll my red car out to run!

335iroc May 12th 08:37 PM

heres a pic of my white z

both cars together lol

my 86' my pride and joy, before I started working on it.

Samir May 12th 08:52 PM

I love the cars. :) I don't know why, but to me, this is what I've always thought of when I think of a Camaro. Definitely not the classic shape, but I think this was the Camaro in my era when growing up. :D

335iroc May 12th 08:56 PM

Yeah it would be nice if the doors didn't weight 2.7 tons a piece tho! I might could get my car in the 6's if they would let me run without doors and the hatch!

Samir May 12th 09:16 PM

Wasn't the marketing campaign for Chevy back then, "Like a Rock". :D I guess they meant it!

Samir May 14th 03:26 AM


Originally Posted by 335iroc (Post 45280)
I believe the best run of the night was the scooter.

You mean the one trapping 46.85mph. :D

Full event coverage from the night here:

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