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Mediarocker August 22nd 01:50 AM

Shoals Area RC Cars 1/10th Scale Championship Race
RC Racing by S.H.A.R.C. at Steve Radditz Memorial RC Raceway

575 County Road 314
Florence, AL, US 35634

Where the grassy field is, right near the marker. That's where it is. Coming from Church Rd it'll be on your right. It's a little ways down 314 but not very long. You'll see a sign on the side of the road. Follow the noise. :D

-Open Practice Starts at 7:00AM-10:30AM
-Qualifiers start at 11:00AM
-Mains should start at 6PM but it depends on entries.

Racing will keep going until the classes have completed! (This is a lighted track!)

Sign up at the track or Sign up at RC

Entry fee is $25 for your FIRST class entry. $15 for each additional class.

Signups End at 09/09/11 10:45 PM CST on RCSignup. Show up early and register if you so choose! Signups end 10:30AM race day!

So come on out to watch, learn, have fun, or race!

Drop me an email, I get them on my phone so I'll respond ASAP. If you want my phone number meet me at the event!

Mediarocker August 22nd 03:14 AM

I will hopefully be making this race.

Remember, it's free to come and watch!!! :D

Samir August 22nd 10:59 AM

Thank you for the post! I noticed they have some other races in that area too. I didn't realize there's so much RC stuff between Huntsville and the Shoals. :eek:

hitecredneck September 6th 08:44 PM

Do you have a 1/16 RC tank class, or shall I run over the cars!

Mediarocker September 7th 07:01 AM


Originally Posted by hitecredneck (Post 52970)
Do you have a 1/16 RC tank class, or shall I run over the cars!

LOL! I think that would be pretty interesting to watch :D

2SSRSinBama September 7th 06:48 PM

know its not the classifieds but if anyone wants a 3.3 T-maxx with spare 3.3 engine... let me know, i'll hook you up.. I got $400 in the truck and about $100 in the extra engine, the truck has 0 hours on it, lol never could get it tuned right.. which is why I bought the spare, gave up on the hobby... perfect condition... and I will pretty much let it go for less than half of what I have in it... I know I could sell it on ebay no trouble, had rather do it locally

sorry for the thread hijack and for that reason, anyone interested just PM me... I think i've done enough for crashing it, lol

I didn't realize the time needed for this hobby, its definitely not fire your truck up and drive it, not with our ever constant changing weather conditions... I have too many hobbies anyway and I should have thought this one through, lol...

$200 and its gone and you won't find a "newer" 3.3 for that especially with TWO 3.3 engines, i'm taking a loss, its your gain

you'll be buying me window tint, lol

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