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Greg G September 16th 09:41 AM

NASA & the Moon
I found an interesting article via .Here is a link to the actual article. . It looks like you local NASA guys will still have a job. My question is why if it took only ten years from the time a monkey rode on top of an ICBM to the time the first human set foot on the Moon, why would ot take until 2018, 13 more years from now, to get back on the Moon ? Boeing already has a rocket capable of going there, the Delta series. A launch last year of the Delta 4 proved this.
It wouldn't be difficult to build a Delta 5 Moon Special, a rocket in the middle with 4 more surrounding it. I'm not knocking any of you guys and have a large degree of respect for the engineers, NASA and the Space Program but why should it take until 2018 to do this? Enlighten me guys. Here is a link to a description of the Delta 4 Heavy.

Samir September 16th 07:33 PM

I think it comes down to finances. It is technically possible to have cars that run on liquid hydrogen. The cars exist. But without the infrastructure and financial support, it won't happen. I think it is the same for the space program.

I think until another country upsets us and starts another "race", we won't be worried about it for quite a while.

sixtyfivestang September 16th 07:48 PM

Dumb question, whats left to see on the moon again? I thought we were doing the Mars thing?

Samir September 16th 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by sixtyfivestang
Dumb question, whats left to see on the moon again? I thought we were doing the Mars thing?

We have to visit! Who else is going to maintain that flag?

And Mars...pffff...we don't have enough wd40 yet. How else are we going to mine it for iron and bring it all back?

sixtyfivestang September 16th 08:24 PM

I can see maintaining the flag part but no more moon rocks I lived through the first moon rock craze and I cant see putting up with a second. You seem to know the car scene here well, what's the best car show going this weekend for car nutt with an older Ford to attend?

Samir September 16th 09:12 PM

I'd recommend the Hartselle Depot Days show. I heard about it last year from everyone and it was the one show I didn't go to. There's also the Street Rod Garage show which should also draw a crowd.

If you're looking for something later in the evening, I think a lot of the Hartselle cars will head over to the Cruise-In at the Decatur Steak and Shake. They usually have a pretty good showing of cars and I think it will be exceptionally packed this time.

That's part of the route I've got planned for tommorrow. My full route covers the Trail of Tears stop in Madison, then onto Hartselle, then Decatur. Good thing gas prices have gone down a little. :D

sixtyfivestang September 16th 09:29 PM

Thanks for the tip. I think I will try the Hartselle show and go from there.

Samir September 17th 02:57 AM


Originally Posted by sixtyfivestang
Thanks for the tip. I think I will try the Hartselle show and go from there.

Sounds good. :) Say hi if you see me out there running around.

sixtyfivestang September 17th 09:54 PM

Thanks again for the tips on cruise spots, went to both. saw some real nice cars. Steak and shake....good food and nice atmosphere.

Samir September 18th 12:30 AM

No problem. I went to both and had a fun time too. But what an exhausting day. :eek:

HOSS429 September 18th 06:46 AM

back to the moon
the company i work for developed and built several of the X34 engines that was to replace the shuttle. i built several tubes and modified many others as design changes were made. the X34 was cancelled and we let the patent for the engine get away from us over a mere 250$. something like 80 thousand lbs thrust

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