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AGSoldier February 2nd 11:03 AM

Post pics of your rides!
I'm not sure if we have a thread like this already or not but I'd really like to see what everyone drives around in Hunstville a single thread. I know there are some awesome cars so lets see them! Include your vehicle make model and year if you want. I'll go first :D

AGSoldier February 2nd 11:06 AM

2006 Mazda 6!

EvilZ February 2nd 12:43 PM

1986 Toyota 4x4. 316k miles and makes an AMAZING 90+ crank horsepower, it's a beast. :D

A_Cryer February 2nd 12:50 PM


Originally Posted by EvilZ (Post 62201)

1986 Toyota 4x4. 316k miles and makes an AMAZING 90+ crank horsepower, it's a beast. :D

Not to mention its paid for.

EvilZ February 2nd 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by A_Cryer (Post 62203)
Not to mention its paid for.

Been paid for since the day I got it. It's been the best $1300 I've ever spent in my life. It's been my daily driver for going on 10 years and I've prolly spent a grand total over $2000 in maintance (which includes a complete engine rebuild @ 306k). I love how people laugh at it and look at me really really really strange when I get out wearing a suit or atleast dress shirt and tie. Good stuff.

Back to the pics of cool cars. I just had to post a pic of the beast.

G_Horneck February 2nd 01:02 PM

2009 Mercury Grand Marquis

Wilson! February 2nd 01:36 PM
the Trailblazer has a black grill bar and red and black BowTie now.
i also have a S10, but no pictures of it until it goes under the knife next month :D

A_Cryer February 2nd 03:37 PM

69 Camaro

05 Z51 - For Sale

Ba Mustang February 2nd 04:24 PM

67 mustang

NiTeZ February 2nd 04:28 PM

1990 Toyota Supra

BamaMopars February 2nd 06:52 PM

BamaMopars February 2nd 07:09 PM

the 1st car is a 66 Charger, 2001 ram and my 69 dart swinger

ITSFAST February 2nd 07:26 PM

Mine: 2009 Mercedes C350 Sport

Hers: 2010 Saturn Outlook

ray February 3rd 10:01 AM

The beater/daily/only car: 2003 Lancer Evolution

Beckham February 3rd 10:07 AM

A Cryer: I didn't realize you owned that Camaro. We did the audio work on it at SOW a long time ago haha.

Mine - 2003 Dodge SRT4:

A_Cryer February 3rd 12:16 PM

Yeah it's actually my wife's and my father n law built it for her for graduation. It was installed at tweeter and then they went out of business so someone recommended SOW to him when we ran into some problems.

duh09 February 3rd 04:18 PM

My 67...

The 95...

And the SRT at the Speakerbox meet...

NiTeZ February 3rd 05:02 PM

I love how the tag on the Stang is hanging by one bolt lol. Sharp rides.

clintjohns February 3rd 08:51 PM

Some Pics from the Cul-De-Sac in the neighborhood below ours

2005 GTO Yellow Jacket, 6.0, 6spd, 18" factory wheels - 1 of 76

DKfullhouse February 4th 10:59 AM

The Red SHO shortly after I bought it

The wife's 2001:
Only real shot I have of the Silver SHO

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