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HOSS429 January 3rd 09:27 AM

in awe every day
every trip i make to and from work is a history lesson to me. north parkway from fayetteville to huntsville was the main horse trail that andrew jackson used running indians out of the territory in the mid to late 1700`s. in the mid 1860`s it was a main thoroughfare for military movement by the north and the south ;)

HOSS429 January 8th 09:47 AM

the mini cruise we are trying to establish encompasses most of these routes that have historical value . i hope we can take time to stop and read some of the historical markers along the way rather than just be a race to get to point A or B.

HOSS429 January 19th 04:03 PM

no 231
:mad: it seems i have been out voted on going the 231 route to shelbyville. if any of you want to do a pleasurable drive on your own some sunny sunday evening this is a must. i suppose during busy traffic hours it may be a bit horrowing meeting big trucks on a road you can reach across with your arms. go slow enjoy the view . look at the ( old ) places . try to feel what has traveled this road before you 200 years ago . :)

sixtyfivestang January 19th 09:02 PM

Hoss, I need a junk yard run. When can you go? I need door handles and hardware pieces I can buy online. I need "the junk yard tour"

HOSS429 January 19th 09:33 PM

we can do bentleys junkyard this saturday. i need to get back into that wooded island and see what old stuff is in there. i dont know what will interchange on cuda door handles and stuff if thats what you need. bentleys is just outside of huntsville on 231 at stiegers curve.

sixtyfivestang January 19th 09:35 PM

I need head light bucket hardware and some generic stuff. Call me tomorrow night and lets pick a time for Saturday. Is it going to rain??

Samir January 19th 09:43 PM

I haven't seen the 231 route yet since my trip to Shelbyville was cancelled this week. I'm going to sit down with the notes and route in the next few hours.

HOSS429 January 24th 06:41 PM

i will make it a point this year to read all the historic markers i go by and post some on this thread . so many things matter to me these days that years ago i just took for granted. the historic marker leading into fayetteville mentions andrew jackson and some of the grave sites of the very first families to settle the area. of course it refers to huntsville as " twickenham " . davy crocket spent a lot of time in huntland. ever heard of him

HOSS429 January 27th 09:37 PM

in merridianville near the airport there is a historical marker noting the location of the first - first babtist church in alabama in 1809 i think. the church later moved to huntsville in 1861. why during the civil war i dont know. perhaps K9racer knows as he has been a member from the beginning

HOSS429 March 1st 08:19 AM

life in the big city
Ahhhhhh. the sounds & sites of spring. the flowers blooming - the birds chirping :) . the occasional blood curdling screams- :eek: the ratatatattt of sporatic gunfire- the sirenes blairing in the distance. ( glad i live in the country ) :D

HOSS429 March 18th 01:17 PM

try to guess what some of those lites are
neat shot in the dark xxxx

HOSS429 March 19th 08:32 AM

the little white lite above the green lites and the rectangle is that brilliant full moon we had for a few days last week . i missed a better shot on walker lane. much less clutter lites

Samir March 19th 07:06 PM

I've never been able to get a good shot of the moon. Auto mode doesn't do it on any of my cameras. I've played with manual modes too, but no luck. :(

HOSS429 April 9th 03:45 PM

HOSS429 April 9th 04:37 PM

got interupted before i could add some info. this place is only about 2 miles from me but i havent been to it yet . i think you have to cross private property to get at it. i know most of the folks there were civil war vets who for various reasons could never get back to a normal life. hence the 50 year or so existance. i should add more to this thread a bit more often as nicer weather allows me to get out more. do you folks know that "gurley" the hardees cruise town is named after frank gurley. local confederate hero.look up frank gurley on the web

HOSS429 April 12th 07:48 PM

look at it now

Originally Posted by HOSS429

you couch potatoes go out and look at the full moon tonite compared to the size it was a few weeks ago . " baseball to a large pizza : no wonder it has such an effect on the tides and crazy people . ah ah haha ha ha ha . mad man that i am. ;)

HOSS429 April 28th 11:54 AM

saw an awesome shooting star this morning coming to work. but i thought for sure i was looking at it before it moved. shooting stars are actually supposed to be meteriorites or something burning up in the atmosphere. there was only two stars in the sky then a second later only one

HOSS429 April 28th 06:17 PM

just a little quiet is all i need
i hope some of you live in an area still quiet enuff to hear the soulful cry of a whiporwil . so much housing developement has surrounded me that noise clutter makes it impossible for me to hear the one i used to listen to. i only get to hear the ocassional cadence of a mocking bird mimmicking one now and then. sort of rite the opposite of the dragstrip discussion. i didnt move into the noise - the noise moved into me :(

Spook April 28th 06:36 PM

nope , not I
at least not till the we hrs of the morn
go hide you keys, hoss

HOSS429 April 28th 07:00 PM

good advice '' you know where i`m headed

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