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Dcannell January 15th 08:35 AM

Hey, New guy here, My name is Darren. I have a 61 Chevy 1/2 ton I am currently restoring and also a 1937 Hudson I am turning into a resto mod. I also started a new powder coating business last year here in the Huntsville area. It is ODG Color and Chrome. It is still a small operation so if you need something done let me know. I can answer my cell after 3:00 256 361 4880. Before 3:00: I work on Redstone and have no cell signal.


ChuckM January 16th 03:11 PM

Hello and welcome Darren! Looking forward to seeing your projects. A nice '61 at a u-pull yard up in Nashville donated its differential for me to convert my '51 to open drive shaft.

Dcannell January 27th 07:30 AM

Very cool, I just replaced the front end on mine from an early 70's. Parts for those old things are becoming unbelievable! Now I am in the process of rebuilding the rear end. Haven't figured out what gearing I want though.:drive:

harvestspeed March 16th 08:54 PM

We at Harvest Speed would like to welcome you.

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