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coupemama May 21st 07:43 PM

Annual Alabama Jubilee Auto Show
May 23, 2015
7am to 3pm
Annual Alabama Jubilee Auto Show
Point Mallard, Decatur, AL
Info: Doug 256-773-9652, Charles 256-350-3383

Nitewing May 22nd 05:47 AM

Is this a classic autos only show?

coupemama May 22nd 08:01 AM

Not anymore. All special rides can get in. Thanks, Marsha

coupemama May 22nd 08:03 AM

at least I have never seen anyone turned away - although most rides have been pre '72

HOSS429 May 22nd 04:43 PM

i have`nt been in a few years .. is this the big one ?

Nitewing May 22nd 05:06 PM

Ok. Got a 2015...not exactly classic, but nice!

A_Cryer May 23rd 05:35 AM

I remember seeing newer corvettes, etc. at this show the past few years so you should be good.

Nitewing May 23rd 09:13 AM

Yeah. Out here now. Great show! Lots of classics but some newer models too.

A_Cryer May 23rd 10:46 AM

Is that your charger?

Nitewing May 23rd 10:54 AM


coupemama May 23rd 12:38 PM

Not the big one. That one is the 2nd Saturday in July. But this one today is still pretty big - many special rides out - maybe because it is a beautiful day. Marsha

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