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Samir March 31st 04:26 PM

Site Outages?
I've been told by several people that there were some site outages in the past week. :confused:

Let me know if you've run into any problems accessing the site recently. I've experienced one or two outages that lasted for a few minutes, but nothing longer. There could be a problem brewing here...

Nevr2loS10 April 1st 08:13 AM

yeah I had a few problems last week...getting on the site hte page would start to come up but then would never was at nite when it happened to me..the next morning it popped right up

Samir April 1st 05:10 PM

I've seen that happen once in a while, but I'll hit refresh after being impatient for 5 seconds and it comes right up...except when it was actually down. Then by the time I get ready to contact my host, it's back up again. :confused:

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