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I have one of a Ferrari I've never seen before. I'll post it once I get through processing all the backlogged photos. In the meantime, here's a few from the past:
A GT3 before it became the GT3RS everyone knows:

A rare example of a Porsche:

Another locally known Porsche:

Audi r8 v8 (as Decepticon Sideways):

Audi r8 v10:

Saturday Night Prom Special Rolls Royce and Viper. Rolls at Bridge Street. Viper was downtown.

Sorry for the focus on the Rolls, there just wasn't enough shutter speed for me to hold steady. I stopped in traffic for the Viper.

Ooo...forgot about this one from this weekend:

I should have spot metered it, but didn't have time.

Ferrari F430 Spyder from this weekend at the Embassy Suites downtown:

Nissan GTR from a car show a few weekends ago:

Audi r8 driving by a car show this past weekend:

r34 skyline gt-r from this event:

Maserati Quattroporte downtown Thursday night last week:

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