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Yeah I have to totally agree with you on that one. Mostly the ones earlier than 1995 have been repainted due to the owners not even having the courtesy to wax them. MIne on the other hand has been somewhat taken care of before I drover her home.

A little history about the SC... Bought it from a friend of mine at work over three years ago. It had 133K and it had a few little minor problems. Noting major, A/C didnt blow real cold, needed tires, and a few little things. It also needed the Fuel ECU replaced. It would start then shut off soon after. I have since then done the following:

New parts:

AC compressor and evaporator
climate control display, which are notorious for turning black
new lights in cluster, replaced all with LEDS and needles
new upper and lower control arm bushings, on all four corners
new sway bar links, front and rear
new rack and pinion bushings
new Tokico struts
new strut mounts
new rear end with seals
timing belt
water pump
upper and lower radiator hoses
cam seals
rims, 19x9.5 275/35/19 rear, 19x8.5 front 245/35/19, Bridgstone Runflats
all new interior, some original, some not
repainted all the interior with SEM black Landau paint on the vinyl and plastic
SEM paint GMC Black on the seats
upgraded the speakers in rear to 6x9, from 5x7's
upgraded the front to 6 1/2" from 4", made special adaptors, front and rear
replaced the headunit with a Panasonic, threw the Nakamichi in the garbage can
Painted the woodgrain to black chrome
replaced the center vents to non cracked ones
replaced the steering wheel to another black factory one with airbag
all interior lighting to LEDS
dyed all the carpet and the floor mats to black
fixed the cracked door panels
recovered the factory speaker covers to black cloth to match the interior
removed the three cats, now straight piped and using stock Lexus mufflers
replaced transmission and both motor mounts
built a BFI, big freaking intake, with a K and N filter
custom made clear corner marker lights
painted the taillights, then sanded down and buffed to give a perfect shine
replaced all of the emblems with new chrome ones
removed the factory gold pin stripe

I am sure theres more.... Its almost done except for

2JZ or 1JZ swap
W58 five speed swap
and alot of boosting!!!!

Kids need to graduate first, then the modding begins!

This is my daily driver... I also just purshased another SC. Its green and a 1995 SC400 with 334K. Paid $400 for it and the AC still works.. I drive it too... It aint much to look at but it drives good and its comfortable.

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