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Originally Posted by Munchie View Post
What type of DSLR are you looking at? I have had some experience with the D7000 and it is amazing as far as picture quality and ease of use! Check out what Chase Jarvis did with one when it first came out!

Well I have already purchased a Canon 60D. its my second DSLR, and this one is by far my favorite. I love picture quality, 1080p recordering and various other features. I think this is the perfect moderate camera. It's not exactlly a beginners camera but its not the most advance camera either.
I have 3 lenses with it, the standard 18-135MM, 50MM, and a 75-300MM telephoto lens. I want to save up and get me a macro lens but not willing to spend $600+ on only the lens.
I charge for most of my shoots and I have already regained the money that I put out for the two lenses that i bought, plus a little more.
But seeing that im not going to make photography a profession I think Im comfortable with what I got. I will have this camera for years and years
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