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Its only throwing away money if you do it for free! I have paid for my DX setup a couple times over already through paid shoots. My FX setup is a bit of a different story though!lol I have quit a bit more money in that body and lens than I do in my DX body and 5 lenses! It will pay for itself in the long run though! Being a good photographer has nothing to do with equipment, though to print the quality we print and the sizes available, most times can't be done with a P&S!
And how do you compete with those in your same arena with comparable equipment making 'good enough' shots and giving them away for free? There's more of these people every day in every field of photography.

Photography has changed. People that are in it now fund their equipment from another source of income. So their overhead is less, hence they charge less, hence the full-time photographers can't compete and are going out-of-business. But, the ironic thing is that the newcomers want to eventually go full-time. But that will never happen because that entire field is being destroyed by every new crop of newcomers that have the same dream. It's supply and demand gone haywire with the supply increasing an order of magnitude while the demand stayed relatively flat. If anything, the demand may have actually gone down as image theft for commercial purposes from facebook and other sites is the new way to 'cut costs' in the art department.

Eventually I see photographers as people that you hire to do the job when you don't want to do it yourself. Kinda like an oil change on a car. It's going to be even much more of a commodity than it is right now.

The equipment is advancing at a dizzying pace, taking techniques and making them as just a part of the cameras feature set, allowing even newbies to just click away and get 'good enough' shots without really knowing what they're doing. The real artists are who will survive at the full-time level, and that will mainly be in the wedding field where there is demand for true artists and the money to pay them. The same cannot be said for about almost any other genre, where 'good enough' has become the standard. It's why it's rare to see photographers on most magazine staffs anymore. Look at the staff page the next time you pick up your favorite magazine--most of them will use some regularly contributed user submissions--ie free pictures.

And I have to disagree with print quality being limited based on dslr or p&s. There are a few p&s out there with quality lenses that can compete with the dslrs. A good lab can take a good shot and make it great in any size. It's one of the reasons I use Smugmug and Bay Photo. They make everything look better than I expect it to be.
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