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Originally Posted by 1FLYG View Post
Well I have already purchased a Canon 60D. its my second DSLR, and this one is by far my favorite. I love picture quality, 1080p recordering and various other features. I think this is the perfect moderate camera. It's not exactlly a beginners camera but its not the most advance camera either.
I have 3 lenses with it, the standard 18-135MM, 50MM, and a 75-300MM telephoto lens. I want to save up and get me a macro lens but not willing to spend $600+ on only the lens.
I charge for most of my shoots and I have already regained the money that I put out for the two lenses that i bought, plus a little more.
But seeing that im not going to make photography a profession I think Im comfortable with what I got. I will have this camera for years and years
The 60d is a great camera. Its the D7000s direct competitor as far as I know. For movies I would think the 60d would have an upper hand, because of fps at the higher aspects. As far as lenses go you have a good range there. Is your 50mm the f1.8? Those are great enexpensive lenses for the quality you get from them! I have its equivelent in the Nikon 50mm f1.8! My next lens purchase will definatly be a stretch as it cost about 2300 I am trying to save for it now, but it will be so worth it. Its the 70-200 F2.8!
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