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The problem with buying used equipment is that my insurance wants reciepts from company's and serial numbers. I bought my Nikkor 105mm micro used and its not insured because the gentleman who had it before me registered his warranty from nikon with that serial number and they found out it was a used lens. So I kinda have to buy new for insurance purposes! Lenses don't go bad though! I would much rather buy used than new, simply because when you start looking at the upper scale of lenses they are almost always taken good care of by the previous owners! You may have to replace a body after about 3-5 years of continuous use, but a good quality lense should last almost forever as long as its taken care of properly!
That makes perfect sense. One thing I would look out for is bad copies of lenses, especially on the high end if they are new. I think my copy of my 630mm for my Panasonic is bad, even though it is in excellent condition. It has so many abberations at times I have to ditch the shot. But at 1/5 of the cost of when it was new, I guess that's to be expected.
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