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Great links! I had no idea we had so many more, including many built ground-up this decade, and some that never closed. Here's what I've been able to pull out from the links:

Athens - Pics
Anniston - Pics (built in 2002)
Boaz - Pics
Guin - Pics - Looks like it may be closed
Henagar - Pics (built in 2002)
Russellville - (256) 332-3619 Pics (open since 1949!)
Centre - Pics
Estill Springs, TN - Pics (built in 2004)
Lewisburg, TN - Pics (open since 1946!)
Centerville, TN - Pics

And while I got thinking about the old drive-ins, I thought of the drive-in for our times--no projector, but a GIANT led screen that would be crisp as a television in the night. A grass field sloping slightly towards the screen so everyone can see, with parking stops to keep cars from rolling into each other in case a parking brake fails or someone loses traction. Car hops with pdas to submit the orders to the kitchen and bring your food right to you. A stage in front of the screen that allows the same facility to be used for concerts where everyone comes in their car and the screen behind can be used like it is in modern concerts. Hmmm...I wonder how much that screen would cost...
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