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So I sent out some emails to Italy, Europe, Singapore, and China to find out how much a large LED screen would cost. The Italian company got back with me first, and it's not cheap, varying from around $800k to $1.4M depending on the size and quality.

Now, my brother was telling me that professional quality projectors cost around $250k in regular theaters, but for a high-quality outdoor presentation, you probably need to use at least two of these, so you're already up to $500k. And then there's the screen. I've purchased a threater quality screen for my parent's home theater and 6' was around $1200. Extrapolate that to a 50' screen and that's $12k, or 100' is $24k.

So a good quality drive-in will have $500k + $12-24k invested in their projection/screen system. An LED system will run approximately double, but will probably have a much, much better picture. Do you think that bring in more people than the other system to justify the cost?
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