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7M-GE goes in today! :D

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Well here is the problem I see with this:
1. Waterproofing the screen and how much for repair if it gets damaged during server storms. With the projection screens it's a lot cheaper and doesn't take as much to maintain as the LED.
2. Is that price with shipping?
3. After figuring in overall running cost and take into account for any maintance work needed, I honestly don't think it's actually worth it.
4. I don't see it bringing in enough people thanks to places like Netflix and people being able to torrent movies they want. Why leave the comfort of your home if you can watch the same thing. I know of people that have brand new movies in DVD quality after being in theaters 2 days. No one appreciates stuff like that any more. People have become more lazy and have no reason to leave the house except to work to pay their bills. Ok that's my rant lol.
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