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With direct deposit and automatic payments, as well as paying your bills on line now, and many working from their homes now days, that leaves almost no reason to leave your house. Ouch! That is bad.

I personally miss the days when a group of friends that love their rides and enjoy socializing with each other live in person can meet up and go to the drive-ins together. We not necessarily went to the drive-ins just for the movies, but to get out on a nice evening and have a good time together.

When you only have to pay per car (not per person) - Remembering those big, long station wagons. They would fix 12 to 20 friends! And the ones with large trunks would put a few friends there and bring them into the drive-ins!

Then after the movie, while the drive-in restaurant was cleaning up, would continued to hang out together until the drive-in pushed us out because they were closing the gates and locking up.

At that point we would head on over to a 24-hour drive-in restaurant for shakes.

Now days there is the emptiness and problem of where to go with your rides & friends just to hang out. Most businesses will allow it for a time as long as you are purchasing food or items from them. Evening cruise-ins are one way, but a drive-in movie or drive-in restaurants are still a fun way to hang out and relax after a week at work. And we do not visit our local drive-in theatres enough. I sometimes completely forget that we still have a few.

Samir - do organize an event at the drive-in theatre in Athens before the end of this season. I know or believe that they had downsized. If so, how many rides will this theatre hold now? The last time that Just Kruzin had organized a cruise to this theatre, we did have 20 to 25 rides that night, but with the size of the theatre at that time, could have had about 100. Marsha
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