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NASA & the Moon

I found an interesting article via .Here is a link to the actual article. . It looks like you local NASA guys will still have a job. My question is why if it took only ten years from the time a monkey rode on top of an ICBM to the time the first human set foot on the Moon, why would ot take until 2018, 13 more years from now, to get back on the Moon ? Boeing already has a rocket capable of going there, the Delta series. A launch last year of the Delta 4 proved this.

It wouldn't be difficult to build a Delta 5 Moon Special, a rocket in the middle with 4 more surrounding it. I'm not knocking any of you guys and have a large degree of respect for the engineers, NASA and the Space Program but why should it take until 2018 to do this? Enlighten me guys. Here is a link to a description of the Delta 4 Heavy.
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