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Originally Posted by Beckham View Post
The only downside is that the bill, as it is, is that it could shut down this website if the government wished. I don't think you (or anyone here) would like that, Samir.
Well, it wouldn't be able to shut down this website because there's no infringement going on here.

For that clause, I think the hard part of that is going to be implementation. The Internet is too rebellious to ever be controlled like that. Besides, the only people that would have that pointed at them are those that are repeat offenders. And personally, I'd like to see sites like that shut down.

This caused a big hoo-ha on the Internet a few months ago on all the photography web sites and basically has split the Internet over this issue. Divide and conquer at work? Who knows. I know this much, the battle for control of the Internet is a full-out war right now. Because that much power could effectively rule the civilized world.
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