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Originally Posted by Wilson! View Post
agreed, BUT this gives the government and private business the power to censor the internet, and does away with due process.
That's the parts of the bill that are problematic.

The current system is obviously not working to protect the rights of everyone. Part of that process is that 'due process' is being used as a stalling pattern for third-parties profiting from infringement.

I've been on the other side of this where my hard work has been used for someone else's gain. And then when I brought it up, they basically spit in my face. You know how mad that makes someone? Mad enough to throw millions into a bill for revenge, that's how mad.

Even if this bill is defeated, it won't be the end of this. Fighting isn't going to solve this. The core issues need to be addressed by both sides and a solution needs to be found that way. Not by trying to sway the mass public to give enough 'weight' to one side or the other.

Smugmug just released this:

What's silly is that they're telling photographers who would get better IP protection from this bill to vote against it. What's worse, is that they're falling for it.
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