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Originally Posted by rayman View Post
The way the law is loosely written though states that if someone on here even posts a link to a site that has any copyright infringement then this site can be shut down with a court order
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It had to be written this way because the profiting sites wouldn't take it seriously otherwise. How many views a day does Youtube have from infringing material? Probably more than 10%. How much did they make last year? Did they give 10% of that to these companies in royalties? So the companies that created the content are just supposed to keep 'asking' youtube to comply with the law with no other recourse?

I've been on the side where my work was stolen. It's not a pleasant feeling to know that something you worked hard to create can be taken by someone else to make a profit for themselves without even acknowledging that you exist or paying any sort of royalties. It makes you just want to stop working, or kick the beegees out of them. And the IP holders haven't stopped working, so where do you think they are? They're really, really angry and are taking action in a major way.

This bill isn't some sort of attack, it's a retaliation to an attack that was made on them first. Piracy has always been a problem, but the Internet has made it easier to be a problem. Companies that have profited from it are the real target here. Even a company that accidentally profits.
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