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Originally Posted by dragginbody87 View Post
Any time Washington feels like they have to "do something", bend over and grab your ankles. They can't even figure out how to make the Congressional gift shop run a profit. I have zero faith that they can ever solve any issue, much less a complex issue like this one.
There's a lot of things here that run very, very well. Third world is truly messed up, and it makes you thank the stars you live in the first world.

That being said, the heart of the issue isn't really complex--don't infringe IP rights without proper compensation. The problem is that people want this stuff for free, so there's pressure to make that happen one way or another. So the opposition just stepped it up to make sure it doesn't happen, one way or another. And the only reason things got this bad in the first place is the money and power that comes with all this. Once people have these, they don't want to let go of them at any cost.
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Samir, while I under where your arguments are coming from, a lot of this just stems from distrust of government and their crappy wording and ambiguity when drafting laws.

They leave a lot of details open for abuses.

Even if some of them are somewhat exaggerated by opponents of the law they are still matters of semantics that need to be addressed to prevent abuse.
So how ambiguous are the copyright laws? They're straightforward and yet they are not getting enforced correctly. Why? Because of the loopholes of the legal system that allows people to abuse the system itself. And we all know changing the system is next to impossible, so the next best thing will be a bandaid--an all-encompassing bandaid that has similar clauses that could be abused.

With all the fuss over this bill, I don't think anything will be passed--and I think they knew that. There's no way to know exactly how far you can go with people, so go all out and then take out what you need to pass. This way, you don't give up anything you didn't have to. I think this is the overall strategy being employed. And all the rights groups and websites are all just pawns in the whole scheme, lol. It's actually pretty brilliant when I look at it from this perspective.

And while HCS is not a political website, topics nearline or important to the members are always welcome. Copyright infringement and IP rights is one that's close to a lot of us that produce professional creative works.
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