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great comment

Originally Posted by Super-G
I'm 45 years old and have never been into the tuner scene. Frankly when I was young a Civic was what an old lady or a young girl drove and now they're supposed to be cool. HA HA sorry just not getting it.

That being said I have a 25 year old kid who lives 3 doors down from me. He lives with his grandmother and he's big time into VW's. He's got an old Rabbit he's fixing up and also a Scirrocco he's doing. His Scirrocco is getting some kind of turbo VW motor that when done is gonna have a little over 300HP. Not too bad in that light little car. It would probably give my big block Musclecar a run for the money.

I've been down at his house BS-ing with him and all his tuner buddies and honestly they're OK in my book. They've all been down to my house to see both my 68 Firebird and my 86 T-top. Even though they are into the tuner scene they like all kinds of cars. Regardless of the age difference and particular interest in styles, we all agree that our passion is cars. While I won't be cruising a slammed Civic with a fart pipe any time soon, one kids 03 WRX has me wanting one.

Had to share this comment from another Forum!! Thanks Super-G for summing it up.......very well said!!

Thanks, Joe
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