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Originally Posted by 03svtCobra View Post
There's a whole lot of places around here that do the same thing. The show at Jeffs mufflers last night was a joke. Same few cars won again as last month, kids were running wild everywhere because their parents don't know how to raise them, and a basically new car with rims and eyelashes on the front beat out older, well taken care of cars for best of show. Not sure what these judges look for in a car, but I guess to me an older, well taken care of car is more impressive than a new one with some rims. Guess that's why I don't show my car at that many shows around here. Way too much favoritism.
So presentation and building/trying to build a unique car gets no credit? Thats the whole point of what Dre posted. I know the girl that owns the white charger you're talking about.

She is in the process of building it and has done everything to it herself. You have to start somewhere. Show cars aren't built overnight. You're not guaranteed a trophy at every show you attend, and if you're just there for a trophy, then you're there for the wrong reason. She didn't go out and buy a cookie cutter car and throw a bunch of auto zone accessories on it. There usually isn't a top quality turnout at Jeff's because the show isn't advertised very well, but if it were me judging that show last night, that Mercury would have taken best of show.

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