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Well the fact that she won there last month as well doesn't help things. Of course you have to start somewhere, but it's easy to go buy a brand new car and put rims on it.....that's not building anything, my mom could do that. I don't have anything against her personally although she walks around with her nose so far up in the air, I'm surprised something hasn't fallen in it That's the main reason I never entered my camaro. It was a 2013, brand new off the showroom. I don't think it's fair to people with older cars, so I chose not to enter it. As for winning a trophy every time, I believe I even stated in my first post that I don't enter for that reason. I've got a shelf full of trophies, and frankly wouldn't want to win at every show because it's not fair to other people, but I'm sorry no one is ever gonna convince me that a brand new car should beat out a car that's well taken care of over the years. If you want my honest opinion I think they should be divided up into different categories according to the years and/or type of car. That would at least make it more fair to everyone. Thats my opinion and I'm not trying to seem like an ass to anyone, although I don't really care who doesn't like it, and it's nothing personal against her, because I don't know her and frankly judging by the way I've seen her strut around and act, don't want to
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