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New Upgraded Transmission Assembly (SpecV Guts in Maxima Bellhousing)
Cleaned Maxima Bellhousing (Used acetone and cloth)

Cleaned Differential Side of Bellhousing

Maxima Final Drive and HLSD from SpecV

SpecV Reverse Gear Set

SpecV Gear Stacks and Maxima Final Drive in Bellhousing

Maxima Final Drive Meshed with SpecV Mainshaft

SpecV Mainshaft Meshed with SpecV Input Shaft

SpecV Input Shaft Meshed with SpecV Reverse Gear Set

Detail SpecV Main and Input Shaft

SpecV 5th/6th Shifter Fork with Maxima 5th/6th Shifter Fork Rod Detail
The SpecV 5th/6th Shifter Fork Rod had a pretty significant burr on it, and wouldn’t actuate properly. So I used the Maxima version.

SpecV Check Ball and Spacer for 5th/6th Rod

SpecV 1st through 4th Shifter Fork with SpecV Rod Detail

SpecV 1st/2nd Shifter Fork Detail

SpecV Reverse Bracket Detail

SpecV Reverse Shifter Fork Detail

SpecV Reverse Tilt Mechanism Assembly

SpecV Check Ball and Spacer for Reverse Rod Mechanism

Fully Assembled SpecV Guts and Transaxel Case on Maxima Bellhousing

SpecV Shifting Mechanism

Fully Assembled Transmission on Hoist

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