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I just saw this and had stop in to pay my respects.

I think I described Horace best in this writeup just a few years ago from the Ardmore Car Show in 2011:
The giveaway car this year was created to commemorate Horace Elliott. Horace has been a great influence on the car enthusiasts in Ardmore, many who are enthusiasts today because of him, and have founded this great show. Horace suffers from Parkinson's, but his enthusiasm and wit is as alive as ever. In my conversations with him, Horace talked about having an 'old geezers's club' for those like himself that are still in the hobby, lol.

Friday evening before the show, Horace poses with the giveaway car that bears his name

I got to see him one more time at the Ardmore Car Show in 2012:
Even Horace was here from last year's show just sitting back and enjoying the atmosphere.

I'm very glad to have met Horace and learn of the inspiration that he was to the enthusiasts of the area, as well as take some pictures of him that we can all remember him by.
RIP old friend, you've got that 'old geezers's club' in the sky waiting for you.
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