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is contemplating my next project...

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Natedog's Turbo Mighty Max Project

As some of you know I bought a 91 Mighty Max a few years back thinking "It's a v6, I won't cram a 4g in it!". Well my mind started wandering and the parts came along and got the best of me...

I always had a thing for GMC Syclones, maybe because my first truck was a 91 Sonoma. However I just couldn't make myself buy one. So here I am, building my own Mitsubishi varient... Maybe I should codename it Tsunami?

Bought this totaled 3000gt VR4

So they both came with a 6G72, the car one is DOHC, but the lower blocks are pretty much the same. There was a raised portion on the car block I had to notch off to clear one of the motor mounts, other than that, it all bolted up.

The car engine the thermostat on the back of the heads, so I used a 94ish montero 3.5 liter water pump and thermostat housing to move them to the front, as well as some custom fabrication by RaceFab on the rear cross over and return pipe, and the water pipes for the heater core. I'm using a 2005 Galant 3.8 upper intake, bolter to the stock 3000gt lower intake.

I used an upgraded clutch pressure plate for a Starion, and a sprung 6 puck disc for the truck from Clutchnet.com

This is it sitting in the truck, before I moved it over to my new place.

At this point I'm working on using all the 3000gt accesories, and rerouting the lined for the AC and power steering, they are on opposite sides from stock now, but the lines are actually shorter this way. I'm also leaning toward going single turbo, it will be easier fab than the stock twins, and I think it would be way easier to deal with. The twins could be made to fit, but it would be very tight. The CAS will not clear the firewall, so instead of cutting it, I have 2 choices, first is swap to a 93+ front case, and head to use the seperate sensors that the used on the newer ones, as well as swap the ecu. Or I can fab way to make it work of the front of the head.

Prosport Gauges in a Montero gauge cluster housing.

Single TD06 20G to take the place of the stock twins.

Fliped the AC core around in its brackets, and routed the lines inside to make room for the fmic, too bad some of the pictures are gone...

My cuts look a little bad, but I'm going to clean them up a little when I do the IC pipes.

Got this nice little box of metal in the mail too.

Just thought I'd share over here...
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has no time for this forum stuff!

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Looks like a fun project, at least your job is not getting in way LoL. I doubt I would even worry with the a/c
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