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Mrs NiTeZ
Mrs NiTeZ
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Mrs NiTeZ

Ok, so I thought id do this too. I am new to the car scene as far as me working on a car and being overly interested. It wasnt until I met and married my husband Ryan, aka NiTeZ, that I actually got into cars.

My fav car I have ever owned was an '97 Nisson Maxma. that car was my baby!! leather interrior, sun roof, 4-drs, new sound system and tires. The transmission blew out on me one day back in '07 on the side of hwy 280 in rush hour traffic. I never got it fixed.

It was my 2nd car. the first was an '84 or '88 torrius station waggon ( i was nicknamed wagon girl in hs), then the maxima, then my crysler van that my husband hated, and now my Honda accord thats my work in progress.

I also want to add that thanks to my husband I now pause mid conversation to watch if a classic car drives past. I am also going to the Art Institute to get a BA degree in Photography.

*Your first name
- Brittany

*How did you find out about Huntsville Car Scene, and what inspired you to register?
- My husband told me about it and I wanted more information about cars and this is the site to get it

* What's the significance of your user name?
- my husband's nickname is NiTeZ and so I added a Mrs to it cause well its easier for those who see the "NiTeZ" to know who I am

* What type of vehicle(s) do you own?
- '95 Honda Accord
"Its never a good idea to judge a book by its cover & a person by their tattoo(s). You never know the treasure you may find if all you do is look at the surface."
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is missing the scene

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Great intro! Welcome.
Don't hate...appreciate
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needs to cut some fenders to lay his baby out!

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I'm new myself, but welcome!
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