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Alabama Jubilee Tractor Show
Calendar: Events Calendar
May 28th 09:00 AM to 03:00 PM
*The times shown may change, depending on DST settings
Where: Point Mallard Park, Decatur, AL
Contact: www.southlandflywheelers.org Larry Lemmond @256-773-2692 larry@aol.com

From the Alabama Jubilee web site:

"Each year the Southland Flywheelers host a Tractor Show by the T.C. Almon Recreation Center. The show features the best restored and maintained tractors in the southeast. Come and see the tractors on display and take in the roaring power at one of the demonstrations!"

Times are guesses based on the car show.

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So while the car show was going on at Point Mallard, right down the road in the park was a very large tractor show. And just like the huge turnout for the car show, there were over 150 tractors for the tractor show.

I took a quick peek after the car show. And while many people had left, there were still a lot of interesting machines on display. A large Kerosene-converted-to-diesel engine with huge flywheels produced 100hp and drove an entire cotton gin via belts and connecting rods back in the day (it was from 1932). They had actually fired it up earlier in the day.

One of the first things I saw was a 'Hoover Tractor'. I didn't know what it even was until the owner handed me a sheet of paper explaining it.
In the 1930s during the Great Depression, the poor farmer couldn't afford a tractor or even a team of draft animals. So he had to be creative with what he had on hand. Most backyards in America were decorated with old cars. The farmer built a tractor from an old car by removing the body, repairing the motor and transmissoin, shortening the frame at the rear, adding a second transmission and a truck rear axle. The resulting Hoover Tractor (named in dishonor of President Herbert Hoover) did the job.

Like most Hoovers, my tractor is made from several of the 15 million Model T Fords built 1908 to 1927. The front-axle casting date is 1-11; engine (electric start) about 1921 (no serial number); transmission, cowl, and chassis are 1926.

The Ford planetary two-speed and the Muncie three-speed give the trator seven forward speeds. The lowest (granny) gear uses both transmissions in reverse, and shifting both to high gear provides an overdrive (road) gear. Simplicity is its virtue: no oil pump; no fuel pump; no water pump; engine, clutch transmission, magneto, and brake all run in the same oil.

Specifications: 22hp at 1600rpm (20 at 1600 after 1916); 4-cylinder, 3 3/4-inch bore, 4-inch stroke; 176.7 cubic inches; compression ratio 4:50:1 (3.98:1 after 1916); spark plug ignition, using four coils with vibrators, one for each cylinder.
I shot video of the Hoover Tractor where you could see the spark plug coils in action, and even captured a spark or two on the exposed plugs.

Like the car show, several of the tractors were also for sale.

It was neat to see the same flat-head engines from cars in the tractors, especially with so much similarity to the car parts. Very cool to see another application of the same parts. I can see where the idea of hot rodding a tractor came from, lol.

Really neat show. Maybe I can make it to the next one in October. See everyone next time!
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