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is missing the scene

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Help Toys for Tots!

I just got to this email:

This is an email from Vets with Vettes and Corvette Owners. Please read and if you can help, please let the following know: Bill H (holtzclaw@knology.net) or (bill@aboutcat.com), and "cc" Bill (mustangcorral@yahoo.com). Thank you all.

"Intergraph Corporation has again donated warehouse
space in Building 300 to serve as the 2005 Marine Toys
for Tots Foundation as the North Alabama Distribution Center. As we did last year, the toys collected throughout the area will be dropped off and sorted here on Intergraph's campus, and distributed to local social welfare agencies, churches, and hospitals in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee.

Volunteers are needed for one hour intervals starting
from 7:00 a.m. and ending at 8:00 p.m from December
7th through December 23rd. If you or your family are
interested in volunteering time to help sort and group
toys, sign up here! The volunteer sorting
activities will be held in a warehouse, 300 Dunlop
Road - Building 300. Due to the warehouse environment and for the safety of your children and/or grandchildren,
please make sure you supervise them closely."

As the below news article from today's Huntsville
Times indicates the Toys for Tots are pretty short in their supply of donations to help the neighborhood kids. Hence, it is time for us to act!

(Here is a link to the Huntsville Times On-line article:

I cut/pasted it for your convenience:

Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Times Staff Writer patriciacm@htimes.com
Empty shelves aren't what Toys for Tots coordinators
expect to see this time of year.

Usually by now, the Marine-sponsored toy drive has
already brought in most of the 60,000 toys needed to
ensure a happy Christmas for 10,000 children in 14
North Alabama counties. Thus far, the drive is more
than 50,000 toys short.

Toys for Tots volunteer/community coordinators Deborah
Barros-Smith and Karen Martin said it isn't that the
Tennessee Valley isn't generous. The reason they
believe the drive is falling so short is because
people have given to so many disaster-relief efforts
for hurricane and tsunami victims, "and they've gotten

"It's wonderful to give to hurricane victims,"
Barros-Smith said. "A lot of whatever toys we get will go to them. As much as people want to help evacuees,
we can't forget our own children in North Alabama.

"If we don't come through, I don't know what those
children will do."

She said the toys needed most are for infants to
3-year-olds, and also for boys and girls 12 to 15.

"If you don't know what to buy or don't have time to
buy it, cash works great," she said.

Barros-Smith said most of the 8,000 toys given have
come from organizations. What's sorely lacking from
previous years is gifts from individuals and families.

"We just haven't seen those people so far this year,"
she said. "Some people who have come by have said they
aren't giving as much because of all the other
agencies they've given to. People feel strapped, I

"But if everyone contributed just a little something,
we could get to where we need to be."

Besides toys, Toys for Tots also needs volunteers.
Local restaurants donate meals every day to feed the
people who give their time to sorting toys, "and we
have a great time out here," Barros-Smith said. Some
of the volunteers have been with the program for

Harvey and Dotty Golden have given to Toys for Tots
for as long as they can remember. Harvey, who brought by eight bags of toys Monday morning, said he and his
wife start shopping the day after Christmas. The
retired couple devote an entire room of their home to
the cause.

"From a selfish viewpoint, it makes you feel good to
do it," he said. "It's fun to imagine how all of those
children will feel on Christmas morning."

Bill and myself have determined that we as a club can
make a dent, however small, in the 50,000 toys that
are needed. And we feel some of us can donate some
time to the Warehouse.

Bill H has the directions to the place and notes that
it is more than a coincidence that the Warehouse is
located right around the corner from our regular
meeting place, the Madison Cracker Barrel at Exit 8
off I-565.

So it is my suggestion that we put things in gear and
have an all-hands effort to get some toys delivered to
the Warehouse this Saturday Morning. I propose we
meet at 0800 at the Cracker Barrel and after a
breakfast if so desired, we just drive our Corvettes,
or family sedans, or SUV's or Daily Drivers over there
and unload on these folks. Those that can, please
call and donate some time to their effort.

I hope every one can help out. If you cannot make the
drive over on Saturday morning, please get someone to
pick up your toy donations and drop them off for you.
Please contact Bill H (holtzclaw@knology.net) or
(bill@aboutcat.com) and "cc" myself
(mustangcorral@yahoo.com) on your email so we can get
a head count and provide expectations of who will show.

It won't take much time from your day. If you are
just going to drop off toys with our club, you should
be on your way in an hour to two at most. And I
checked the weather forecast. Although it is going to
be chilly, NO RAIN, no snow, no ice, no sleet, no fog,
just the early morning sunshine to greet us.

Won't you please help out and let's make an impact to
whatever degree each feels comfortable with.
Remember, while the toys have to be new, they need not
be expensive and must be unwrapped. That in itself
makes it easy on all of us. I hate wrapping things
up, they look so amateurish when I get done!! LOL!!

Let us know if you'll be there, and best of luck
making whatever small changes in your plans for
Saturday your participation will entail. See you guys
for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel. Let's eat at
0700 so we can depart by 0800-0820. Park in Ruby
Tuesday's lot, they have room for at least 100

Happy Holidays,
Let's Help the Marines
Bill Lang
President, Vets with Vettes and Corvette Owners.
Don't hate...appreciate
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is missing the scene

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I wish somebody would've posted this earlier. This is a great cause that year in and year out helps to spread Christmas to those who otherwise wouldn't have one.

There's a lot that we as the Huntsville car community can give even if each of us only gives one toy.

Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars bring a lot of joy to those little ones. And it will start them out in the right direction.
Don't hate...appreciate
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is missing the scene

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We have to work quickly! The deadline for toy submission is December 20th. That's only 13 days!
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is missing the scene

Join Date: Sep 2004
Posts: 22,926
More information on the Vets with Vettes web site too:
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is missing the scene

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Still some time left to give toys if you have them.

Pictures and Videos from the Corvette event:
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